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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:28pm PST

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suppliers. their prices are going up. he is going to change to to $4.07 in about two days. >> or sooner. and $4.25 for the high octane stuff. god forbid you have to buy that. >> reporter: somebody pulled in with a big bmw and had to fill it with premium gas, $88 for gas. >> can't afford the car, can't afford the gas, i guess. thank you len ramirez. a man is dead after being shot by police in san mateo. now, this happened late this morning on oak street. a woman claiming to be the mother of that man says he is methodly ill. she says -- mentally ill. she said he went to a local cvs pharmacy to get his medication and didn't pay for it and took them. >> my son is sick, he went for medication and he they said he have to pay, never pay, so this is what happened, they killed him. >> police said they opened fire after the man fired a single shot at them. the woman said the son had a bb
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gone. no officer was hurt. major revelations in the jaycee dugard case. the couple charged with her kidnapping has reportedly confessed to the whole thing. nancy garrido's lawyer told reporters this afternoon, nancy and her husband phillip recently admitted to grabbing dugard in south lake tahoe back in 1991 and then holding her captive for 18 years. the attorney said they confessed in hopes that nancy garrido might receive a lesser sentence and he also revealed that dugard was present for one of the interviews with nancy garrido and that nancy said she delivered the two children phillip garrido fathered with dugard. no comment from the district attorney. an antioch man pled guilty for the standoff that shut down the bay bridge for more than two hours to traffic. craig carlos valentine will go to jail for a year in county jail. in november he pulled his suv over in treasure island and started calling in bomb threats. he stayed that he believed his wife was cheating on him.
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he did eventually surrender. tonight, there is a $5,000 reward in the case of a burglar who robbed a walnut creek home -- or burglarized a walnut creek home while the owners were at their son's tubera . robert and -- were at their son's funeral. robert and julia found their computer and documents missing . their 16-year-old son drowned along with his friend the previous weekend while rafting in walnut creek. police say an anonymous donor has put up reward money. the tax man is going to be paying a visit to san jose pot clubs tomorrow. last november voters approved a 7% tax on all marijuana dispensaries, which the consider considers to be illegal. earlier today, city leaders met with pot club owners to discuss the tax. many owners said it could put them out of business. >> it is not a tax that is designed to allow business to
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exist. it's a tax that's designed to force businesses and people who need medication outside of san jose. >> san jose has about 100 medical marijuana shops. top pg&e executives can expect a grilling in washington tomorrow as federal hearings begin concerning the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. three days of hearings are scheduled. along with pg&e executives, we should be hearing from about 20 other expert witnesses. federal investigators will release thousands of documents related to that blast, as well. last september's explosion killed 8 people, leveled 38 homes. coming up, the new tower segment, the same old warnings. tons more steel go up, the noticeable addition to the san francisco skyline but don't notice it too much. they tried it all. but one group is getting rather -- is getting rather creative in its job search. >> everybody else is going to
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be begging me for their job back. period, no option. >> it gets worse. more of charlie sheen's trash talk coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but they are causing a stink, in the city's sewers. sounds like a job for mr. clean. low flow toilets have saved the city of san francisco a lot of water but are causing a stink in the city sewers. sounds like a job maybe for mr.
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clean? mike sugerman found out that's not too far from the mark, is it, mike? >> reporter: uhm, i don't know how to take that but thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's the highest tech way to do. it's bleach. it's the same stuff that's in this cleaner, sodium hyper chloride is what the city wants to use to clean up our water but some people as you say think that idea styx. san francisco's a beautiful place. but some parts stink. >> oh. number 2. oh. like poop. >> reporter: in some parts of the city, you don't even have to be near a storm drain. >> stinks. >> reporter: particularly on hot days, some neighborhoods smell bad, bad, bad. >> every city with a sewer system has sewerroid doors associated with it. >> reporter: i found that out a few years back during a tour of san francisco sewers. since then things have gotten stinkier. environmentally low flow
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toilets help cut down on the amount of water we use but less water means the sludge backs up and raises a stink. so the city wants to spend $14 million for a three-year supply of sodium hypochlorate or bleach. >> it takes away the odor so it's good for the people that live around them. >> reporter: actually 80% of the bleach goes to disinfect the city's drinking water. the rest goes into odor control. it's controversial. but petition online has started to stop the bleaching saying all that runoff will be going into the bay. >> absolutely not true. again, our treatment plants are specifically designed to move it to before discharging to the bay so there is no bleach get together bay. >> reporter: no. >> no. >> reporter: all right. they actually aren't going to go to safeway to buy the stuff. isn't that the stuff you can buy off the shelf? it's double the amount of bleach that's in this thing but apparently it works and the board of supervisors will be voting ton in voting on it in
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the next couple of weeks. >> i didn't mean to allude that you look like mr. clean. >> reporter: well, it's the new haircut. >> thank you. 480 feet tall, 45 more to g caltrans installing the newest segment of the bay bridge tower now. crews began actually lifting that fourth segment of the suspension tower about 5:00 this morning. there are four parts like four legs to a stool. each weighs a million pounds. going to take 30 hours to get each from the ground up into place and bolted to the tower. caltrans says the legs are connected by replaceable beaches that can bend and crack. >> by designing the bridge in this way, we basically create a structure that not only won't fall down in a very large earthquake but that is usable again to emergency services right after the earthquake and with some retrofit work it can be put back into 100% public service. >> crews are working around the clock to finish the installation by friday.
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that tower will eventually reach 525 feet. caltrans again warning drivers, don't be distracted by the work going on, on the new tower. well, everyone looking for a job knows it. you have got to stand out. one group thinks it's found a unique way to get noticed, too. ann notarangelo shows us the attention grabber. ann. >> reporter: i talked today with more than a dozen people who have been out of work from six months to more than two years. they are doing everything would you expect them to do looking for work. and a little bit more. >> i was a sales director for fuji film. >> i was a human resources profession for 13 years. >> reporter: this group meets every week in the hopes their brainstorming sessions will lead them to jobs. how long have you been out of work? >> just a little over a year. >> i have been out of work since the march of 2010. >> reporter: they are attorneys, consultants in sales, communications, marketing, healthcare, human resources. there are general managers, a photographer, a social media specialist, and really the list
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goes on and on. they have decided to stick together during this difficult time. >> we realized the need for the support and the networking because we all know people at companies that we might be looking at. >> perhaps these people seem frahm to you. since the recession started we have all heard stories about people looking for work. or maybe you have really seen them on your way to work. 18 people pitched in and bought four billboards at bart stations in the east bay that let's prospective employers know that employees are available at this website. >> there are thousands of groups that meet every day or every minute. hours is different. we took a different approach to physically put ourselves out there. >> this was a way that we could take back control of this job search. >> reporter: carol says it was a surprise to see her face at bart. >> i was tempted to ask someone
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what they thought. >> reporter: we wondered and invited a work for development consultant who works with organizations that match people to jobs to our meeting. he says the website won't get them jobs but coupled with the networking and marketing website it will help. >> i think it will be, you know, kind of like the full monte type of technique where the unemployed workers kind of put themselves out there. >> reporter: he had a suggestion that they put their full resumes on the site. >> it's important not to leave any information out. you have very few seconds to get an employer's attention so you want to make it as easy as possible to find out as much as possible about you. >> reporter: the first day the signs run, they got 700 hits on their website. more importantly? it's already getting results. >> i had an interview last thursday. it was a phone interview and it came from our billboard. >> awesome. >> so i think that's exciting! >> reporter: and, of course, that news was a big boost to
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this group. they have been going out on lots of interviews but they need the right employer to see their website ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >> crunch time on capitol hill. how many days are left before the government once out of money. -- runs out of money. and coming up on consumerwatch a local company swimming in complaints. what you can do to protect yourself. >> monday, the last day of february, here we go again welcoming a new month with rain. we'll have the forecast coming up. ,,
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obama administration. the pentagon says its moving armed all options on the table for dealing with libya yeah, that word from the obama administration today. the pentagon is moving armed forces north region to be
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prepared. earlier today of the european union raised the pressure on moammar qaddafi. the clock is ticking on capitol hill. the u.s. government will close on friday if there is no budget. lawmakers may pass a short version to buy a few weeks to debate the full spending plan. actor charlie sheen says he is at war with cbs. he made the rounds on competing network tv shows this morning to trash talk the producer of his hit show. now his long-time publicist has quit. we have more on sheen's rants and the fallout. >> reporter: sheen was in rare form this morning candidly giving interviews to network morning news shows and some entertainment website. >> i am on a drug. it's called charlie sheen. it's not available because if you try it once you will die. your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body. >> reporter: he didn't hold back his opinions and thoughts
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regarding the drama unfolding in his personal life and television career. >> but you are sober. you pasted a drug test? >> three of them. >> reporter: he claims he is drug-free. and even took a drug test for the entertainment website, radar online, a test which radar says shows no trace of drug use in the past 72 hours. >> i'm grandiose because i'm a grandiose life and i'm embracing it. that's not what expected. so it doesn't fit into their model. >> reporter: sheen declared legal war on cbs for shutting down "two and a half men" for the rest of the season the. >> the war is that they are trying to destroy my family and so i take great umbrage with that. and defeat is not an option. >> reporter: the troubled star made several attacks on cbs and the producers of his sitcom for pulling the show. charlie sheen was quick to point out he makes no excuses for his erratic behavior and does not feel he owes any apologies.
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>> they are on a battlefield and they strapped on their diapers. so they are in breach. they are in radical breach and sorry, guys, you screwed up. >> are you going to sue? >> well, wouldn'tyou? >> charlie sheen is the highest paid tv actor right now making $1 .8 million an episode. now he wants 3. cbs is not commenting on charlie sheen for now. let's get some comment on the weather, see what the week ahead is like. on this last day of february, does it come in like a lion, a lamb, a little of both? let's call in our live cbs 5 weather camera where we have increasing cloud cover. this is the scene looking out past the transamerica building. today our high 57, 5 degrees below average. currently at 54 degrees. south 60 miles, here we have downtown san jose under clear skies. officially in san jose today also about 4 to 5 degrees below average topping off at 58 degrees. we are picking up a wind out of
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the west at 13 miles per hour. when the sun officially sets tonight at 6:02, we will notice those clouds on the increase from the coast through the bay into our inland areas. tonight overnight we'll have a veil of clouds so we'll allude to it as mostly cloudy conditions albeit still near freezing in throughout the trivalley. 35 degrees overnight in throughout santa rosa after a very cool day today of only 53 in sonoma, we'll bottom out near 33 degrees. otherwise 35 in napa and you will notice mid-30s around the peninsula through santa clara valley. interesting doings upstream from the state of california. we have this vigorous area of low pressure and i believe it's going to set us up for a very well the wet overnight tuesday night into wednesday because it's going to tap into subtropical moisture that leads way out over the pacific ocean. this is how i'm planning. this time tomorrow night, we'll see the rain moving into the north bay. by 11 p.m. as tuesday, the first day of
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march, comes to an end, we'll start to see the heaviest rain showers in throughout the northern portion of our bay area. overnight, gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour out of the south, rain from top to bottom, there is your wednesday morning commute. so start planning ahead for a very wet sloppy windy commute. and during the day the rain showers will begin to diminish but by then we could see up to 3" of rain from tuesday night through wednesday night in the wettest spots of the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. generally speaking a half intop of an inch across the bay area. backing up one day at a time we'll call it mostly cloudy for your tuesday. temperatures pretty much where they should be for this time of the year except san francisco should be around 52. instead 5 -- instead 57 which we experienced today. 59 to 60 north of the golden gate bridge. now, the seven-day forecast calls for the rain to begin tomorrow night. and then through our wednesday, a scattered shower possible thursday, really the whole dry
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day and all this happens to be friday because we had a few one hundredths of an inch in the north bay. saturday a chance of rain with rain likely in the north bay by nightfall and another chance sunday, monday. did you miss the snowfall on san francisco friday night, saturday morning? doug marshall caught it in scotts valley in his backyard. he sent it in to mypix. do you the same here to we'll be right back after this brief time out. ,,,, ,, "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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the country who say.. it's not
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ng what it promise a local company is facing heat from hubs of customers across the country who say it is not delivering what it promises. on the consumerwatch, julie watts on the flood of complaints. >> reporter: after all he has been through with his hot tub, conrad could use a relaxing soak. >> i started having problems even before i received the tub. >> reporter: the santa cruz man ordered the spa two years ago from choose hot tubs direct an online company based in san francisco. >> it was supposed to arrive within two months and three months passed, four months passed, and it took me five months. >> reporter: then 10 days after it arrived, he said he had a problem and a flood. >> they used these cheap plastic clamps. >> reporter: but at least he got his hot tub and a refund because he paid by credit card. >> it's been a nightmare. >> reporter: darlene frawley of new york auded a $3,400 tub
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back -- ordered a $3,400 tub back in july and the company says it won't arrive until april. >> that's unacceptable. i want to cancel the order and i want my money back. and that's when they stopped returning my calls. >> reporter: and conrad and darlene aren't alone. the san francisco d.a. and the better business bureau have received hundreds of complaints from all over the country about choosehottubs direct and six other companies it does business as. >> the main complaints are people are ordering a product, the company takes the money and then doesn't deliver the product. >> reporter: the other issues? delays in delivery, missing parts and failure to respond to customer complaints. the man behind the company with a trail of unhappy customers, this website says he is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and when we visited the company's headquarters, we found an apartment building with no answer. they sent us an email blaming
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an economic downturn for the company's problems and says 70% of the complaints against his company have been resolved. darlene frawley's just not one of them. >> you know, doing a lot of research now before i deal with anybody new because i'm never going through this again. >> reporter: now, the best advice is to use a credit card for big purchases like this. darlene had to pay by check because they weren't accepting credit cards at the time and when i called today i, too, was told a similar story. >> they wanted to check my phone. >> exactly. thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. another candidate joins the field hoping to become the next elected mayor of san francisco. why some people across the political spectrum just aren't all that inspired. he would wear his little superman outfit and put his regular clothes on over it so in case there was ever any danger he was ready to change
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and become superman. >> well, he wanted to be a superhero and now he just might be. how this boy's fight with a deadly disease could one day save another child from very long odds. that and much more at 6:00, allen. >> what a cute boy and a message. dana, thanks. thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news with katie couric" is next. hpv, most common in women, but now in men. that and the weather too coming up in 30 minutes. >> we'll time out the next storm. >> see you in half hour. caption colorado, l.l.c. >> couric: tonight, as the fighting calates, the obama administration says it's


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